Mpls. strip club dancers cite workplace dangers, especially in VIP rooms - - minnesota adult nightclub laws


MPR: Small towns react minnesota adult nightclub laws

Mpls. officials consider safety regulations for adult entertainment workers Even though it's against Minnesota law for restaurant managers to.

laws and rules. Current liquor laws may not be represented in this booklet as changes are made from time to time. A complete listing of all Minnesota liquor laws.

Index: The Minnesota Statutes link directly to statutes that deal with AGE. general definitions for the terms minor, adult, minority, majority, legal age, and full age. by September 1, were treated as 21 year olds for liquor law purposes.

Minneapolis city officials are exploring tougher regulations for strip clubs after two recent investigations revealed health The most recent findings, released Monday by the University of Minnesota's Urban Research and.

Adults who knowingly contribute to violations of the state's liquor laws can be charged with a misdemeanor and face up to 90 days in jail and a.