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5 days ago Short stature is a general term for people whose height is While it can apply to adults, the term is more commonly used to refer to children. However, short stature can sometimes indicate an underlying medical problem.

Short stature is a term applied to a child whose height is 2 standard the growth plate that can partially compensate for growth problems due to some other results in childhood short stature but relatively normal adult height.

Short stature can happen because of a family trait, a genetic condition, or a growth Early intervention can prevent future problems in many cases. Injections of human growth hormone or HGH are used medically in children and adults.

adult stature. What has arisen over recent years is, in essence, a situation where short stature has become medicalised, allowing even the short normal child to.

People with short stature reported impaired health status in all SF subscales indicating that they have health problems that influence their.