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adult patients with chronic diarrhea evaluated by colonoscopy and biopsy at 3 .. Sensitivity, Specificity, PPVs, and NPVs of the Diagnostic Scoring System in.

We retrospectively evaluated adult patients with equivocal CT findings. .. Scores, Sensitivity (95% CI), Specificity (95% CI), PPV, NPV.

Keywords: abdominal pain, acute appendicitis, adult appendicitis score, . score 5, the sensitivity of the AIR score was %, the specificity was %, the PPV.

A CAM score PPV) of Indeed, mortality associated with severe adult malaria treated with parenteral.

Developed and validated an early warning score (EWS) to detect inpatient decline. AAM showed better sensitivity, specificity, NPV, PPV and c-statistic. The model was based on hospitalization episodes from all adult patients (18 years).