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Kegel exercises for men can help with incontinence, eliminating regularly and will, in fact, help make your penis feel larger over time. In other.

The Couple That Kegels Together Stays Together After all, the purported benefits of the penis workout, essentially Kegel exercises for men created by Dr. Andrew We lasted longer and were both more than satisfied. In the.

Kegel exercises are when you flex and/or hold your PC muscles (the muscles You can naturally add length to your penis by doing these exercises. This is a great technique for those of you who want to last longer in bed.

And for good reason: It turns out, Kegels can curb everything from premature but you also improve blood flow to the penis (as Steixner notes, “ED is . trick also makes you experience a longer buildup and stronger orgasms.

Some doctors recommend that men do the male equivalent of Kegel exercises, but would lifting a ounce weight with my penis really.