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lugol study vulva

Basis of vulvar colposcopy as well as benign vulvar skin disorders that Historically, toluidine blue and Lugol's iodine solutions were used to stain for the Study of Vulvar Diseases (ISSVD) described papillomatosis of the.

During cervical colposcopy, acetic acid (AA) and Lugol׳s staining (LS) .. A recent study adapted vulvar terminology and found similar PPV for.

Self-administered swabs are used to sample vaginal contents for a variety of clinical The goal of this study was to determine whether a quantitative glycogen .. value of the Lugol's iodine staining technique for the identification of vaginal.

also known as Schiller's test, uses Lugol's iodine instead of Performing a vaginal speculum exam during . Properly designed studies on VILI are essential to.

The lower half of the cervix, called portio vaginalis, protrudes into the vagina through its Since iodine readily stains with glycogen, application of Lugol's iodine on the . Epidemiological studies have identified a number of risk factors that.