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Deadhead, Drive An Empty Truck and Trailer To Get A Load Elsewhere . ZIPPER – The broken highway center line (Oversize lingo) .. Hot~Box – Fire Truck Running Code . Adrian (a.k.a. The Baron/Red Baron; ask away!) says .. to back outta here,keep the bugs off your glass, and the bears off your ass, this here is the.

, 2 an emergency flare us • — Montie Tak, Truck Talk, p. 26, candle money noun a pay-out on fire insurance uk Police and red paint us • I take her to the drags, man, and everyone flips / For her big blue 3G, 5th June candy-ass noun a weak person us • Get yourselves squared away, candy- asses.

Glossary of American Jobsite Slang . truck that sucks shit out of the portopotty. Caker throwing ass gaskets, toilet paper and other debris into the shitter to avoid smurf kisses. Cuz Fire Wrench . little red thing (anti-short) for mc cable.

This is a list of British words not widely used in the United States. In Canada, New Zealand, . (US and UK also: guy, US dude). blower: telephone; blues and twos: (slang) emergency vehicle with lights and red: the traditional bright red colour of a British pillar box (US: fire engine red or candy apple red); pillock: (slang.

made in the shade | magnet ass • A fully made Mafioso. all the way around it), opens up and fires away with all their fire power for about a minute, two minutes. Madon', you guys think you're still in Red Hook. , maggot wagon noun a catering truck us, • — Lewis Poteet, Car & Motorcycle Slang, p.