Dads Everywhere Using A Boob-Shaped Bottle To Breastfeed Baby - breast shaped baby bottle


Best Baby Bottles for the Move From Breast to Bottle breast shaped baby bottle

BREASTFEEDING BOTTLE: Baby instinctively connects to the bottle's familiar shape, while 2x faster warming satisfies baby's immediate hunger needs.

A dad frustrated by the difficulties of feeding his three month old baby at night has invented a radical new breast-shaped bottle to make parent's.

The nipple on these bottles is breast-shaped, helping your little one go between skin and bottle. It is also very flexible so it really mimics a real nipple. Like most.

The bottles are stackable which helps track pumping order and saves storage space. Finally, nanobébé's innovative breast-like shape allows your baby to hold it.

Baby Bottle | Nanobébé offers simple and smart baby products Nanobébé's patented design improves the entire process of bottle feeding breastmilk. Its domed shape and concave base make it ideal for tiny hands, so.