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The belly remains yellow and is sprinkled with many small black spots. The northern dusky salamander is gray to tan or dark brown on the back becoming This stripe can also be a variety of colors including orange, yellow, gray, tan or red.

Learn More · A black salamander with yellow spots sits on a rock Learn More · A large salamander with light brown and dark brown stripes sits on red rock A light brown with black and tan spots salamander next to a small rock on the.

Brown anole. Anolis sagrei [popup] Mojave Black-Collared Lizard Crotaphytus [popup] male. Yellow-Headed Gecko . Dark AND light stripes (2) Dark stripes only (2) Body top spots size. Large (2) Small (1) Body top texture. Other ().

The spotted salamander or yellow-spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) is a mole The spotted salamander's spots near the top of its head are more orange, while the spots on the rest of its body As larvae, they are usually light brown or greenish-yellow. They have small dark spots and are born with external gills.

This small salamander may be the most abundant vertebrate (backboned animal) in Despite its name, its color varies; it's often gray with a red stripe down its back, but it Its back is a mix of rusty-brown and gray-blue, and its underside is white with large black flecks. No other species in our state has large yellow spots.