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Diphallia or Double Penis: A Rare Genetic Condition two penis one man

Please view with discretion. Snakes and lizards have what is called hemipenes, which is essentially a two-headed penis. Two penises on one organism might.

Diphallia, penile duplication (PD), diphallic terata, or diphallasparatus, is an extremely rare developmental abnormality in which a male is born with two penises. Penile duplication also varies from a single penis with double glans to complete.

Step 1) Tell someone you don't know "I have 13 inches of penis." Step 2) Offer to show them. Step 3) Whip out penis number 1, to mild disappointment. Step 4).

Has he ever considered having one of his penises removed? “In my mid Most of the women and men he's been with enjoy the extra penis.

Diphallia is a genetic condition present at birth in which a person has two penises. Between 80 and 99 percent of people with diphallia exhibit one or both of penis divided into two parts (called penile duplication); scrotum.