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Jul 15, Experts note that low testosterone levels, which affect about 5 million American men, can also result in the release of less semen during ejaculation. Although it doesn't affect your ability to have an orgasm, some men may find a decrease in the volume of ejaculate troubling.

Feb 2, Lose Weight: “Thirty-three percent of obese men have a low sperm count This might all sound like a lot of work (or not a lot of ejaculating), but.

May 13, Yes, believe it or not, a lot of men want to produce more sperm (for fertility reasons), increase the volume of their ejaculate (for pride reasons).

Aug 29, Most men don't give much thought to the quality of their sperm, until it's time to start a family. But there is a lot you can do before that, to increase.

PC muscle exercises are used by men not only to last longer, but also to increase the volume of their sperm. There are a lot of PC muscle exercises that you can.