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OMG Video: Taylor Momsen Flashes Her Boobs! taylor momsen s boobs

Taylor Momsen loves to be controversial but she took her bad-girl image one step further during a New York gig by flashing her breasts at the but recently revealed that her raunchy appearance is just part of her 'role'.

Taylor Momsen's quest to prove what a bad girl rocker she is continues. The year-old singer let her chest hang loose as she wore an.

In an obviously planned stunt, Taylor Momsen's boobs were on display in the loose-fitting singlet with her nipples covered with carefully placed.

The 17 year old is causing controversy again Teen star Taylor Momsen has been caught exposing her boobs at a concert by her band The.

Since you've already exposed your breasts, worn bordello-style corsets in public and posed wearing garters and guns on the cover of Revolver.