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May 3, When I recently stumbled upon a story in Tonic about how it's illegal for US prisoners to masturbate, I was baffled. “Didn't Big Boo masturbate.

Sharing cells, open showers and masturbation: What privacy in prison is really like. author image · Ryan FosterMonday am. metro illustrations.

Jan 19, Of course, masturbation in prison is common. A study of one maximum- security joint found that all but one male inmate masturbated.

Prison sexuality consists of sexual relationships between prisoners or between a prisoner and . Prison is a community sexologically characterized by overt masturbation and by homosexual couplings that may be consensual, coercive or .

Jul 19, An unconfirmed report from The Daily Mail claims that O.J. Simpson was caught masturbating in his cell at a Nevada corrections facility as a.