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As are the reasons for her non-existent libido after she's had a baby. . that insufficient sleep can result in decreased sexual desire and arousal. . One new mother says: “The idea of us having sex after the birth of our first.

Saul's experience is not uncommon. According to Ann Herreboudt, a London postnatal counsellor, about 40 per cent of the first-time mothers.

I not only didn't want to have sex, I would have preferred it not exist. The first few weeks Dustin and I were together, we had sex like I imagine any new couple does: right I also spent enough time reading baby forums and Facebook mom Part of me worried that if I gave up on summoning sexual desire.

Now, a new study finds that much of what drives women's desire in the postpartum period are not physical factors, but psychological ones.

I'm still very much attracted to my husband but my sex drive is still nonexistent. What gives? I am very attracted to my husband, so that is not it at all. Now bf mom's of young ones it's most likely the hormones. So, we will typically have little to no libido (desire to procreate) until we quit breast feeding.