Blue balls (epididymal hypertension): Myths and facts - testicles ache after sex


Why do I get testicle pain if I don't have sex for a while? testicles ache after sex

Every once in a while, after I've had sex with my girlfriend, my pipes will hurt. It's kind of like blue balls, but that doesn't make sense. Is there.

There are many reasons why your balls can hurt. It can occur when you're working out, having sex, or even sleeping. Experiencing scrotal pain after a vasectomy — a surgical birth control procedure in which the duct that.

Learn what causes testicle pain and when to seek help from a doctor. is caused by an injury that's painful or if swelling occurs after one hour injury to the testicles; practicing safe sex, including using a condom, during.

A person does not need a partner to relieve blue balls through sex. Blue balls is the colloquial term for testicles that ache after sexual arousal.

Why do my balls hurt after sex? This is down to a muscle spasm that occurs after a vigorous or prolonged sesh (well done you!). A warm bath.